Google Gmail Account Needs Attention (Google Play Services Account Action Required)

google gmail account needs attention action required notification

In early hours of 24th February 2017, some users google accounts were signed out unexpectedly.

If you have the same problem, you can see these error notifications on your android phone screen:

"Gmail needs attention" or "Google Play Services Account Action Required"
You can notice that GMail not syncing.

There is no need to worry.

You can fix this problem easily by signing in your Google account again.
Let's see how:

Satellite Channel List PC Editor (Edit Channel List on Computer Easily )

satellite channel list editor

You have a satellite receiver. Or a TV with satellite receiver.
You want to sort your channels as you wish.

But there are hundreds of channels on your list.
It is hard to do it on TV screen with your remote control.

There is an easy way:

Hotbird Music Channels Free To Air (Hotbird 13 E Frequency List 2017)

Hotbird 13E Free Music TV Channels Frequency List

Here you will find the list of free to air music channels on Hot Bird 13 E.
So you can enjoy watching them without any subscription.

It's updated every week !

Want to know the best part ?

All FTA music channels are put together in ONE SINGLE list:

How to Win a Prize ? Get Lucky in Draws


Luck doesn't knock your door itself.
You have to invite it to your home !

There are too many opportunities around you to win a prize. 
If you don't bother to enter to a draw, you will not win anything. Simple.

You can create your own luck. Luck is all about probability.
Winning exciting prizes is not so hard.

Keep reading to see how:

European Sim Card Only Samsung Meaning and Solution

european sim card only samsung galaxy

So you have a new Samsung Galaxy phone.
There is a sticker on the box saying "European SIM card only."

You are wondering now:

What does "European SIM card only" mean ?
Can I use my Samsung phone anywhere else out of Europe ? And how ?

I will give answers to these questions.

Keep reading.

Share USB Modem Internet Dongle Connection over Wifi (Windows Guide)

Share USB Modem Internet Dongle Internet Connection over Wifi

Connect your Android phone, iPhone or tablet to your 3G usb dongle's internet easily.

You can share USB modem internet connection through your laptop wifi.

Can My Phone Carrier Read My Text Messages ?

Can My Phone Carrier Read My Text Messages ?

Can your phone service provider reach your texts ?
Is it really possible ?

First of all, let me explain some technical stuff.

Want to hear the answer right away?
Then skip to the last section of the page.